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5883 Broadview Rd Parma Ohio 44134

                                      We DELIVER & SHIP!

   The FIRST ever cupcake shot!

*patent pending

The FIRST ever cupcake shot!

*patent pending!

Ready to have a hackin' good time? Well baby, welcome to Auts Tipse Treats! Here we specialize in hybrid desserts. That's right, part sugar, part alcohol, sweetly combined to create a little piece of heaven. The alcohol isn't put into the filling or icing....thats for the birds....our patent pending process puts the alcohol into the cake after  baking, so its just like taking a real shot!  A little sweetie with a delectable twist... if I do say so myself! :) Our little concoctions dont just end at cupcakes either... We have alcohol infused gourmet marshmallows, martini gels, ice spheres & cubes, cocktail bubbles, popsicles, vodka pearls and pudding pies! These pint-sized play things are sure to add a creative new spin to your next function and are magnificent for hoopla's of all sorts, including bachelorette parties, showers, weddings, birthdays, holidays, adult sleepovers, corporate and city events, business parties, fundraisers and promotions! So go ahead, take a bite doll, just be sure to throw away the wrapper. We don't take too kindly to litter bugs.


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 Tipse Treats, LLC is fully permited, licensed & insured. You must be 21+ to order and consume our alcoholic products


    Check out promos & events for info or EAT ME! (not me the cupcakes!) to get in contact.